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ONLINE: Our goal for this course is to repair American goodwill and civic interaction by bringing people together to engage in civil dialogue. We do this within a timed, moderated format using My Neighbor’s Voice Listening Cards. From the beginning of our efforts in 2017, we have designed our events around listening. Each participant answers a question within one of our categories, without discussion or commentary from the others. The next person addresses a new question within the same category with a new voice, and the others practice listening. As a result, we create the space for people to tell their stories. In this format, we don't talk about listening, we practice it, with the ratio being 80% listening and 20% speaking. We have hosted over 200 local and national online events and gatherings with the intention of creating a safer, more welcoming world. As participants complete this course, we hope they will take away new tools to use in building stronger communities of their own. | Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 30.

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My Neighbor's Voice: A Model for Deep Listening in Our Divided Culture
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Oct 18, 2022 to Nov 15, 2022
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