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ONLINE: This course consists of a series of interactive sessions dealing with the following questions: How do microscopes work? How do animals move? What is a gene? What do we know about the world? How does an egg become an organism? Which is cheaper, swimming, running or flying? Where should we look for life? What is the largest organism? How old is life? What is consciousness? In each session, the instructor will deliver an overview of one of the 10 topics followed by a discussion during which students may ask questions and delve into related issues. We shall investigate how the natural sciences underpin the biological sciences, and how organisms elaborate upon simple physical processes to accomplish their goals. We also will explore the feedback loop between biology and technology that is opening new vistas in biomedical and materials science. | Lecture + Q&A, Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 30.

Class sessions are recorded.

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Modern Biology in 10 Questions
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Sep 13, 2022 to Nov 15, 2022
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: Students will prepare for each session by viewing videos assigned on the course website, browsing the internet for relevant information and preparing comments for class. For supplemental information, students are encouraged to peruse any current textbook in general biology.

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