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ONLINE: Sometimes music inspires us to get up and dance. Other times it moves us to tears. How does this occur, and will a deeper knowledge of music benefit our inner life? This course will present music as a resource to help access emotions. Using visual and audio examples in works by Jean Sibelius, Samuel Barber, Sondheim, Rossini and Mozart, we will hear music of exquisite, provocative emotion. Skillful composers stir our feelings, triggering a wide range of unexpected reactions. Sounds are transformative in ways we can hardly imagine. Interested in becoming an informed listener? Five intriguing lectures with time for questions will be a way to probe personal emotions through listening and learning. Our classes will be organized based on themes inspired by society, history and culture. Comedy, nationalism, folk tales, pop songs, opera, chamber music and even military marches have a useful role to play. Join us for a fascinating learning journey. Bring your curiosity and sense of adventure. | Lecture + Q&A.

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