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ONLINE: This course, taught in French, will explore many aspects of life in France. If accused of a crime, is it better to be tried in France? Why are there so many political parties there? What is it like to go to school, to the university or to the Grandes Écoles? Does the government have a role in the economy? What is the place of France in Europe and the world? Are all French people Catholic? Why do the French value culture so much? The French get five weeks of paid vacation a year; how can that be? In what ways do the French spend their free time? The instructor will lead a guided conversation on these topics, entirely in French. As part of the conversation, students will be invited to compare the French and American ways of life. The instructor will post PowerPoint presentations on her website as well as videos, articles and literary excerpts relevant to the topics, whenever possible. | Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 30.

Class sessions are recorded.

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