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ONLINE: This lecture-style course will begin by exploring at some length the complex admixture of cultures resulting from the collision of the separate worlds of Europe and the Americas as reflected in the art of the colonial period. Incredible ideas, beliefs and linguistics reverberated into the culture and art of Latin America, along with the histories brought to life through dance, architectural influences and manuscripts commissioned by Christian kings but illustrated by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The complex tapestry of this dynamic past has carried forward through the centuries, as Latin American artists today still continue to use images and ideas from this period to honor their unique identity. This art is suffused with a profound power as a tool of conversion and cultural construction. Together we will explore how the artworks and ideas from this period, beginning in the 1500s, continue to resonate in the contemporary art of Latin America. | Lecture + Q&A.

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Latin American Art: Colonial Through Contemporary
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Feb 02, 2023 to Apr 06, 2023
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Suggested readings can be found on https://www.arthistorytrips.com/colonial-art-of-latin-america.html The optional, extended resources offer exciting insights and engaging ideas that can amplify your horizons.

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