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IN PERSON: Recent studies show that the average visitor to a museum looks at an art piece for less than 30 seconds — 17 seconds being the average. In this course, we will sit comfortably in the Nasher Museum of Art galleries (on chairs with backs!) and spend longer reflective time with one or two works of art each session. This will allow time for contemplation, exploration and deeper collaborative discussion of each work of art. We will discuss formal elements, the artist's background and other issues that might be relevant to the work: its artistic, political, historical, religious context. We will also consider the location of the work, and what the significance is of its place in the Nasher. We will learn how and when the work was acquired, as well as other pertinent provenance information. Most importantly, we will share how this more in-depth experience of each work resonates within class members. | Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 16.

Location: Nasher Museum of Art, 2001 Campus Drive, Durham NC 27705

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Nasher Slow Art Conversations
Classroom - In Person
3:15PM to 4:45PM
Jan 31, 2023 to Mar 14, 2023
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Classroom - In Person  
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Required supplies/fee: Students in this OLLI class are required to have a Nasher membership. These individual or family memberships are being offered by the museum to OLLI students at half-price. There is also a $2 per hour parking charge in the Nasher parking lot.

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