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ONLINE: Humankind has struggled with existential questions for as long as there have been humans. Typically, our search for meaning and purpose has focused inward, looking to ourselves for answers. In this lecture-based course, we look outward at the universe to discuss our existence. We start with a survey of current knowledge of stars, galaxies and the universe, and then discuss the great outstanding cosmological questions: What is dark matter? What is dark energy? What is the nature of black holes? How did the universe begin? How will it end? What is the role of intelligence in the cosmos? We also address questions about exoplanets and exolife. We end with a far-ranging discussion of our species’ need to explore, survive and thrive to find purpose and meaning in this cosmos. The answer is not here, it is out there. | Lecture + Q&A, Facilitated discussion.

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At Home in the Universe: The Search for Meaning and Purpose in the Cosmos
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
May 03, 2023 to Jun 07, 2023
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: This is an extensively updated version of the course, last taught at OLLI in January 2019.

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