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IN PERSON: How can you tell if our universe is infinite or finite? Curved or flat? Why are donuts and coffee cups topologically equivalent? What is a torus? A Klein bottle? Starting with one-dimensional and two-dimensional universes and ending with three dimensions, we will investigate various properties of a universe and how a person embedded in a universe can discover certain topological properties about it. This lecture-based course assumes participants have very basic knowledge of mathematics. We will approach topology in a conceptual and qualitative manner with lots of diagrams. We will also investigate the impact of various topologies on familiar games such as tic-tac-toe and chess. Students will learn about intrinsic and extrinsic properties, manifolds, orientability and other topological properties, as we explore the weird and crazy world of topology. | Lecture + Q&A.

Max enrollment: 30.

Location: Judea Reform Congregation, 1933 W. Cornwallis Rd, Durham NC 27705

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Geometric Topology: Flatland and Beyond
Classroom - In Person
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Sep 13, 2023 to Nov 15, 2023
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Classroom - In Person  
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Please note: The book "Flatland" (not required) is available for free at https://gutenberg.org/ebooks/201.

Recommended reading:
Edwin A. Abbott, "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" (9780486272634)

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