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ONLINE: Stories expand our view of the world, inviting us to understand diverse perspectives and lived experiences. This lecture and discussion course is for students who want to improve their communication skills, become more confident sharing their stories with others and feel more comfortable speaking to groups. Students will learn about the art of crafting a compelling story as well as performing it in a way that engages and captivates the audience. Students will learn the story-crafting principles behind gripping stories. We will explore the elements of performance that bring stories to life, including the use of different voices, gestures, interactivity and sound effects. We will also discuss strategies for learning stories quickly, without memorization; adapting and improvising; and what to do when things go awry, for example, when your mind “goes blank” about what happens next. | Lecture + Q&A, Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 24.

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Share Your Story: Secrets to Stellar Storytelling
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 4:45PM
Sep 13, 2023 to Oct 18, 2023
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Please note: No prior performance experience is required, just a teachable spirit. Students will need basic computer skills and a strong internet connection for the best experience in a Zoom class.

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