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ONLINE: Did you know innovation has its own politics? This lecture-based course will present a sweeping overview of what innovation is, how it happens and why it succeeds in certain places and at certain times but fails in others. Students will learn about broad theories of innovation to help structure our understanding and discussions. But we will also look closely at various country-case studies, including examining innovation in the United States, China, Canada and Israel — places that we all consider "innovative" but for different reasons. We’ll also look at Germany, South Korea and Japan, as well as certain cities and their surrounding areas, such as Silicon Valley, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit and Cleveland, among others. Assigned readings will inform the lectures and our structured discussions. From all of this, we’ll see that innovation is a diverse as well as dynamic and ever-changing process. | Facilitated discussion.

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Class sessions are recorded.

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Innovation in the Real World: Looking at the U.S., China, Taiwan, Israel and Elsewhere
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Jan 29, 2024 to Apr 01, 2024
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: Various assigned readings, as well as Breznitz's book, will be provided as PDFs.

Required reading:
Dan Breznitz, "Innovation in Real Places" (9780197508114)

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