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ONLINE: T'ai chi (taijiquan/t’ai chi ch’uan) is a Chinese moving meditation, martial art and health exercise. Based on slow, relaxed, whole-body movement, it results in increased energy, well-being and mental, emotional and physical balance. Research has verified its benefits, and medical professionals endorse it for many conditions, including arthritis, balance difficulties, Parkinson's disease and fibromyalgia. It requires no special space or equipment and encourages a joyful, reflective approach to daily life. In this experiential course, you will gain proficiency with principles and movements through the Starlight routine from the traditional Wu Hao style. Both beginners and experienced participants are welcome. The instructor teaches with playful humor, clear description, demonstration using front and rear views, and handouts. He focuses on the big picture and on details such as footwork, and answers questions during breaks. Video recordings allow for independent practice between classes. | Active Skill Learning.

Max enrollment: 200.

Class sessions are recorded.

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