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Students who pursue this certificate will learn the connection between the environment and sustainability, the good-business arguments for why an organization should embrace sustainable management, the role government regulation plays in sustainability efforts, as well as some criticisms of corporate sustainability.  Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to apply sustainability management principles in the workplace, apply the triple bottom line (TBL) model and its three pillars of "People, Planet, and Profits" within an organization; and recognize and implement best practices for measuring sustainable management efforts.

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Certificate in Sustainable Management
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tuition non-credit $559.00
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Please note that the program schedule dates printed on your receipt are incorrect. The dates printed are for accounting purposes and reflect our fiscal year. Your course begins when you receive the program access email from Duke Continuing Studies and ends five months later. These dates will be printed in your access email. Please note that the portal in which you enrolled through Duke Continuing Studies is NOT the same portal for the online program. There is a separate log in issued for the program portal.

Within 5 business days after enrollment, you will receive the access email which will contain the URL for the program portal, your username, and a temporary password.  Please note that this email occasionally gets caught in the spam or junk filter / folder, so please keep a lookout for it there. Receipt of that email (i.e., when it appears either in your inbox OR spam/junk folder) begins the time period for your course access.  Your deadline date is noted in bold in the access email. Please note that we do not offer extensions for this program.

Students who complete the Sustainable Management certificate are awarded a total of 4 CPEs and 2.5 CEUs which are listed on the downloadable certificate of completion.

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