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IN PERSON: The federal debt is $30.5 trillion ($92,000 per person), which is double what it was 10 years ago, and growing, with critical unmet needs. The U.S. and North Carolina economies rely heavily on money from the federal government. So join us to understand how the federal budget is created; how spending decisions are made (and by whom); what we are buying, who benefits and what accountability/monitoring exists; what makes up the debt; and whether the debt can be reduced. These and other related topics will be discussed with class engagement and participation. Let’s learn together to understand if we can continue to afford these services. Past participants are welcome, as the data and information are ever changing and updated. | Facilitated discussion.

Max enrollment: 12.

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Federal Spending and Debt: What's Next?
Classroom - In Person
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Oct 12, 2022 to Nov 09, 2022
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Classroom - In Person  
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Guest Speakers:
We hope to have both a member of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and a member of the House Committee on Appropriations speak.

Please note: Reading material will be made available but is not required. We will provide web links to materials for discretionary reading. After each class, the presentations will be posted to our website. Both instructors welcome questions during and after class sessions.

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