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IN PERSON: You know the old saying that brides should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”? During the 1970s on WNEW-FM in New York, the morning program featured a musical version of this tradition: four songs connected by some sort of common thread and suggested by a listener. One “old” song (recorded several years — or decades — in the past), a recently released "new" song, one “borrowed” (a cover of a song released or composed by another artist) and one “blue” (a blues or bluesy tune). These gems reappeared on satellite radio in the early 2000s. When the pandemic kept him at home in 2021 and 2022, the instructor created new four-song sets each Saturday for a WNEW-FM Facebook page. Each week, we'll revisit some of these sets, and students will have the chance to create their own old-new-borrowed-blue song sets to share with our class. This will be a fun and creative way to both recall old songs and discover new music to enjoy together. | Lecture + Q&A, Facilitated discussion, Active Skill Learning.

Max enrollment: 24.

Location: Judea Reform Congregation, 1933 W. Cornwallis Rd, Durham NC 27705

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Old, New, Borrowed and Blue: It Can Rock Too!
Classroom - In Person
1:30PM to 3:00PM
Jan 31, 2024 to Mar 20, 2024
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