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ONLINE: Never having to say you’re sorry could be the motto of the czars of Russia. From Vladimir who shopped for a religion and the greats — Ivan, Peter and Catherine — to the Alexander who beat Napoleon and the last tsar, Nicholas, who threw it all away, Russian rulers had too much power and no self-control. This course will be an overview of Russian history to 1917, concentrating on the absolute rulers absolutely no one would want to be ruled by. We will make many comparisons of Russian and U.S. history, especially how geography affected both. While primarily a lecture-based course, we will pause frequently for Q&As. A website will provide a course outline of dates, names and events. Students will learn how Russian history was different from U.S. history in terms of violence and how that influences what Russian President Vladimir Putin does today. | Lecture + Q&A.

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Tsars and Stars of Old Russia: Tales of Woe and Excess
Online - Zoom
11:00AM to 12:15PM
Jan 31, 2024 to Apr 03, 2024
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