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ONLINE: Have you considered digging into your family's past but don’t know where to begin? This lecture-based course is for new to somewhat experienced family history detectives. Some general knowledge of your family story is beneficial but not required. Participants will learn where and how to look for clues and make new discoveries about the lives of their ancestors. Lectures on family history discovery will be followed by opportunities to participate in discussions and activities using the presented research tools. Participants will also learn and explore genealogy vocabulary terms and concepts to help them on their journey. This course will focus on the basics of finding and understanding genealogical data. Skills developed will include how to: conduct an oral history interview, find and utilize public documents, find and read old newspapers, care for archival documents and use the internet to gather information on ancestors. | Lecture + Q&A.

Max enrollment: 14.

Class sessions are recorded.

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Family History Discovery
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 4:45PM
Feb 01, 2024 to Apr 04, 2024
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: Basic computer skills are needed along with an understanding of how to search using search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Dogpile.

Recommended reading:
Alonzo Felder, "Discovering A. S. J. Allen: A Story of Skinfolk, Kinfolk, and Village Folk" (9781949810110)

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