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ONLINE: In 1929, Cambridge theoretical physicist turned Harvard philosopher Alfred North Whitehead published a truly revolutionary model of the universe. This model is grounded not in matter, but in events and processes, driven by the relentless pursuit of experience, feelings and satisfaction in a universe whose ultimate reality is creativity. By incorporating all “the various elements of our experience into a consistent relation to each other,” Whitehead proclaimed his philosophy complete, self-consistent and “adequate for the interpretation of the ideas and problems which form the complex texture of civilized thought.” This course introduces fundamental "process-relational" concepts and examines their influences on science, religion and ecology. Participants are provided with weekly readings that invite Q&A, discussion and reflection in small groups about viewing nature and our place in it from a deeply interrelational perspective, essentially a new worldview. | Facilitated discussion.

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Class sessions are recorded.

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Process Philosophy: A Theory of Everything?
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
May 02, 2024 to Jun 06, 2024
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Class sessions are recorded.

The recommended reading can be downloaded for free. Students can access the link upon registration.

Recommended reading:
C. Robert Mesle, "Process-Relational Philosophy: An Introduction to Alfred North Whitehead" (9781599471327)

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