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IN PERSON: America can buy as much military hardware as it can afford, but if the people aren't willing to serve and the public loses confidence in the military, what does that mean for protecting America's national interests? In this course, we will: 1) summarize the rising geopolitical challenges to the U.S.-led world system and risks to the country's long-term prosperity and its capability to defend its vital interests; 2) explore the public's confidence in the military, partisan gaps, social biases, a declining youth population healthy enough for military service and changes in the populations that have traditionally provided the labor the military needs to fill its ranks; 3) analyze the personnel gaps the military currently faces and how the Pentagon can potentially close them with innovation and recruitment, including potentially employing conscription in addition to volunteers; and 4) hear from VIP speakers (generals) who managed Pentagon personnel policies. | Lecture + Q&A.

Max enrollment: 35.

Location: Judea Reform Congregation, 1933 W. Cornwallis Rd, Durham NC 27705

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Who Will Protect the U.S.?
Classroom - In Person
1:30PM to 3:00PM
Apr 29, 2024 to May 20, 2024
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Guest Speakers:
General Roger Brady, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Former Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Former Director of Personnel, U.S. Air Force.

Major General Chuck Walker is currently the Director of Complex Investigations at the National Guard Bureau, The Pentagon, Washington, DC. 

Recommended reading:
Peter D. Feaver, "Thanks for Your Service" (9780197681138)

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